ELLE DECOR AT WORK The Evolution of Workspace

Milan 8-18/04/2019
The Evolution of Workspace
Palazzo Bovara | Corso Venezia 51

During the Milan Design Week 2019, Alpes-Inox will present the furniture and outdoor versions of its „Liberi in Cucina” project.
A system of independent elements that goes beyond the traditional concept of cooking.

Free from definitions.
Free from conventions.
Free from fashion.



The outdoor kitchen.

The grand and elegant elements by Alpes form a kitchen that can be taken outside the home. Available with and without wheels, they make for a compact unit that be configured on request to provide everything you need to cook, grill and fry outdoors in your garden or by your swimming pool. Outdoor line: the kitchen breaks new ground.

  • Stainless steel kitchen element with drawers and sliding shelves. The countertop integrates a gas „plancha“, an electrical deep fryer, a hob with one triple crown burner, a single sink welded to the top and a stainless steel mixer.Dimensions: 190x125xh90/95 cm
  • The stainless steel kitchen element consists of three drawers and fixed shelves. The front is in in teck. The countertop is equipped with a single sink, a gas „plancha“, a hob with one triple crown burner and an electrical deep fryer. Dimensions: 190x65xh90/95 cm


The furniture kitchen

The island unit acts as a point around which life in the kitchen rotates: a universal module that works on all four sides rather than just one, making living more fluid, dynamic and efficient. Washing, cooking, preparation, disposal and storage are the single or combined functions that take place in the Alpes kitchen islands.

  • Kitchen island in stainless steel with large drawers on both sides. The top has an induction hob with integrated extractor. Dimensions: 130x125xh90 cm
  • Washing kitchen island entirely made in stainless steel with drawers and dishwasher panel. There are two waste disposal containers in the drawers under the sink. The countertop is equipped with a single sink and a mixer. Dimensions: 130x125xh90 cm

A place for everything and everything in its place. In the elements of Alpes everything finds space and amplifies the functionality of the kitchen.


  • Stainless steel element with two sliding shelves. On wheels or feet options, with counterop in stainless steel, Corian or wood. Dimensions: 130x65xh90 cm
  • Element in stainless steel with solid wood countertop and double wine cellars. Suitable for housing undertop appliances. Dimensions: 130x65xh90 cm