International designers create new cookies

During the traditional Fuori Salone fringe events week in Milan, a surprising exhibition of designer cookies was held in Corso Como 9.

The exhibition, conceived and curated by the Faculty of Arts and Design at the Free University of Bolzano, also  inaugurated  the  spaziocorsocomo9  exhibition space with an installation consisting entirely of free‐standing stainless steel units by Alpes.

The understanding between the University of Bolzano and Alpes Inox was brought about by this project on designer cookies and the new electronic oven that Alpes was launching, which after months of testing made its début at the exhibition “Pappilan: international designers create new cookies”. This was the ultimate test: baking the cookies for the visitors to this event.

The designers participating in this project were asked to become pastry chefs, and to send not only the cookies they invented and baked, but the recipe too, with sketches and reflections on the theme. The designers took up the challenge enthusiastically, addressing the topic with irony and imagination. There were functional cookies, cookies to split and share, to wear, cookies in unusual shapes, but also with unusual flavours, flavours that highlighted the varied backgrounds of their authors.

Participating designers included:

Werner Aisslinger – Volker Albus – Shin & Tomoko Azumi – Sebastian Bergne – Sven ­‐Anwar Bibi – Jörg Boner – Fabio Bortolani – Matali Crasset  –  deepdesign  – Florence Doléac  – Uwe Fischer – Alexis Georgacopoulos  – Anna Gili  – Ineke Hans – Kazuyo Komoda  – Christophe Marchand – Gabriele Pezzini – Projektstudio 7.5  – Radi designers  – Regine Ritz – Kosei Shirotani – Studio Campana – Paolo Ulian – Arnout Visser.