Built-in hobs with four gas burners and electric or gas barbecue.


  • Depth                    50 cm
  • Width                    88 cm
  • Height                   7 cm
  • Height                   12 cm (in relation to the electric barbecue)
  • Height                   16 cm (in relation to the gas barbecue)

Materials and Characteristics

  • The burners (consisting of a pan support, burner, flame divider and Venturi tube) and the gas distribution tubes are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish
  • The Electric Barbecue – E 193. The electric resistance has two regulators and is articulated to make it easier to pull out all the units. The grid, lava rock container, fire-resistant filter and sauce tray are all made of stainless steel containing 19% nickel and 10% chromium and are also dishwasher safe
  • The Gas Barbecue – E 193. The burner always has an automatic ignition function and a thermoelectric safety device. The parts that make up the gas barbecue are easy to pull out and clean and are all made of stainless steel containing 19% nickel and 10% chromium, including the burner. The good size and rational shape of the burner ensure regular and uniform distribution of heat.
Gas Burner Ø mm Power Kw
Auxiliary 50 1.00
Semi rapid 70 1.75
Rapid 85 2.50
Rapid 100 3.00
 Barbecue burner Ø mm Power Kw
Nominal 0.95 3.85
Resistances Volt Power Kw
Front 220~ 1.5
Rear 220~ 1.5