Two flip-up hobs: one with two gas burners and one with two electric induction burners. The hobs can be flipped up for making use of the space underneath.


  • Depth                    52 cm
  • Width                    30 cm
  • Height                   7 cm

Materials and Characteristics

  • The burners (consisting of a pan support, burner, flame divider and Venturi tube), the knobs, the gas distribution tubes, and the casing containing the electrical-gas system are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish
  • The flip-up hobs are installed on the top and require only a small hole for the electricity-gas connection and fixing of the rear bracket/hinge
  • When not in use, they can be flipped up to create a larger work space.
Gas Burner Ø cm Power Kw
Auxiliary 50 1.00
Semi rapid 70 1,75
Rapid 85 2.50
Rapid 100 3.00
Induction area Volt Power Watt
Ø 11/18 cm 220 1400 or 1850
Ø 15/22 cm 220 2300