Built-in hob with five gas burners and electric grill


  • Depth                    50 cm
  • Width                    88 cm
  • Height                   7 cm, 11 cm (in relation to the electric grill)

Materials and Characteristics

  • The burners (consisting of a pan support, burner, flame divider and Venturi tube) and the gas distribution tubes are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish
  • The Electric Grill and the functional parts like the grid, the lava rock container, the internal support and the tray are made of stainless steel containing chrome and nickel. The two electric resistances are articulated to facilitate removal and cleaning of all the components. The purpose of the lava rock is to absorb and distribute heat in a uniform manner
Gas Burner Ø mm Power Kw
Auxiliary 50 1.00
Semi rapid 70 1.75
Rapid 85 2.50
Rapid 100 3.00
Resistances Volt Power Kw
Front 220~ 1.5
Rear 220~ 1.5