The “Rinascente Duomo” department store in Milan hosted Elle Decor Apartment, a 7­‐day exhibition set up in the 8 windows  overlooking  the  square.  The  exhibition  was curated  by  the  magazine  for  the  inauguration  of  the  6th floor  dedicated  to  the  home,  in  the  new  look  designed  by architect Aldo Cibic.

A complete house, from the entrance to the garage with real furniture and objects combined with full­‐scale photographic images of furniture and people. A reconstruction that appears even more realistic because every window has been matched with a soundtrack: an alarm clock in the bedroom, birds chirping on the terrace, a washing machine that is spin­‐drying in the laundry room…

Our free­‐standing stainless­‐steel washing, cooking and storage element was highlighted in the window dedicated to the kitchen.